5 New Ways to Use Your Y

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Your daily routine is likely filled with activities or rituals you’ve been doing repeatedly for years. While routines bring comfort, they can sometimes lead to burnout or boredom. What if you tried something new each week? Or each month?

Harvard Medical School studies show that trying new things sharpens cognitive skills. Similarly, in health and fitness, changing up your workout has been shown to improve physical results.

Whether your goals this year are related to physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being, think of new ways to challenge yourself. You might find that going beyond your status quo can accelerate the growth you’re looking for.

  1. Try a new class
    Trying something new opens you up to the opportunity of growing in skill and stimulating creativity. Trying a new group exercise class will help you broaden your physical health journey, and you just might find a fun, new hobby. (And likely some new friends.)As a member of the Y, you have over 40 classes each week to choose from, at no additional charge. Challenge yourself to try one new class a month. We’re adding new experiences to our schedule regularly like our new Pilates Reformer and Tai Chi. Check out our schedules to explore class offerings and times.
  2. Gain strength with new moves
    Repeated workouts can stall progress, according to various studies. Gaining strength might mean finding a new workout routine or changing up your reps, weights, or types of workout.If you’re looking for fresh, motivating, and challenging workouts, check out Bootcamps at the Y. They are led by the YMCA’s Certified Personal Trainers and include a mix of cardio and strength training using body weight, kettle balls, battle ropes, and even a machine we call “The Queen.”Take it a step farther and get new ideas, a personalized plan and results with the help of one of the YMCA Certified Personal Trainers by participating in a one-on-one or group personal training session.
  1. Train for an event
    How will you push yourself this year? Run a 5K? Half marathon? Complete your first triathlon? Or just be ready for that family trip? As you train, imagine how you’ll feel when you start accomplishing milestones you haven’t achieved before. Imagine the confidence, strength, and pride you’ll feel coming across the finish line.If you’re looking for a community of expert trainers to guide you in the process and partners who will train with you and cheer you on, we got you. We have expertly guided 5K training programs or half marathon training programs. If you’re more of a multi-sport athlete, our triathlon training program focuses on event specific training (swimming, biking and running).
  2. Dig deeper in your spirituality
    Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, challenge yourself to go deeper. This might mean joining your first book study, subscribing to a daily devotional, or finding a local place of worship.Part of the YMCA’s mission is to empower people to build a healthy spirit. We’re living out our mission with bible studies, marriage seminars, or faith-based financial studies. Stop by our Faith Office to say hello; our Chaplain Dominic Dinger would love to chat with you and help you identify a next step in building a healthy spirit.
  3. Take control of your health
    Maybe you’ve been thinking for years about getting healthy and what that might look like. Maybe stress has been wreaking havoc on your life, or you’ve been feeling out of control with your weight? This can be the year you take control by approaching your health in a new way.Our partners at Lifestyle Health by CentraCare Health can help you take control of your health. Located at the YMCA, the experts at Lifestyle Health can work with you on weight management, chronic pains or illnesses, stress management, nutrition counseling, acupuncture, and other techniques to optimize your health and well-being.

New experiences can be invigorating for your mind, body, and spirit. New activities can awaken feelings of pride, accomplishment, and excitement in a way that routine cannot compare.

What will you try new this year? How will you be different one year from now because you dared to try something new?

Ready to take your health and fitness to the next level?

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