Virtual Y

Virtual Y is a new member benefit for all active members of the St. Cloud Area Family YMCA. It is a web-based online resource featuring live and on-demand exercise classes.

The classes are broadcast and recorded right here at the St. Cloud Area Family YMCA. They feature the same instructors you know and love from in the building – Laurie, Caryn, Cathy, Kim and the entire crew!


Once you enter Virtual Y, you will be asked for your barcode number. Your barcode number is:

  • On the bottom of your key tag (if you purchased one for entering the building)
  • Your phone number, less area code, plus 01. So, the Y’s barcode would be 253266401
  • Your Member ID number plus 01. This is true for members who started their membership online and haven’t yet visited the building (where we usually switch your barcode number to your phone number to make it easier to remember). Your Member ID is in the upper right hand corner of the initial email you received.

To view a live class:

  • Login to Virtual Y
  • Click on Live Streams
  • You’ll be taken to the streams available today, click on the one you’d like to enjoy.
Questions you may have:

Why are you moving away from Facebook and YouTube?

To create a more user-friendly experience. Virtual Y is a more comprehensive and organized platform that allows us to share live and on demand classes with our members in a way that is much easier to navigate.

Will the current Facebook and YouTube videos still be available?

Yes. While we won’t be adding more videos, a select group will remain until (at least) January 1, 2022.

Where do I find the list of live classes?


  • Log in to the Virtual Y to see classes listed by day
  • Click on “Schedules” above or on the St. Cloud Area Family YMCA app. Sort by “Virtual Y” classes.

Can members on scholarship access Virtual Y?


Can members on hold access Virtual Y?

No. We are not able to offer Virtual Y to those who memberships are on hold.

Can I have just a virtual membership?

Yes. It is the same rate as our current memberships. You will have access to Virtual Y and the building. Visit our membership page or visit us at the Y.

How do all my family members access Virtual Y?

Each active member has their own barcode for access. Usually, this is your phone number, followed by 01, 02, 03, etc. for each member of the family.

Sharing BARCODES is not allowed and can result in termination of virtual access or YMCA membership. 

 Do Virtual Y log ins count toward my insurance reimbursement?

At this point, we don’t believe so, but each plan has different rules. Contact your insurance company.