Happy kids, happy parents!

Our Kid Zone is the perfect place for children ages 6 weeks – 11 years. With a large indoor play structure and outdoor play structure (weather permitting), it might be tough to get your kids to leave! A toddler friendly section and infant friendly area also are in the Kid Zone so that kids of all ages have plenty of toys, crafts and staff to keep them busy!

Changes to our Kid Zone Program due to COVID:


Monday – Thursday: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.; 4 – 8 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Sunday: CLOSED

Please review Kid Zone Policies here!

Kid Zone Child Care Fees

$3.50       One time visit, price is per hour, per child
$14.75     Automatic withdrawal option for one child, price is per month for unlimited visits
$19.75     Automatic withdrawal option for a family, price is per month for unlimited visits

The parent or guardian must remain in the Y to use this service.

“I am constantly telling others how much I enjoy coming to the Y because I know that my kids are having fun and I get a break!”

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These policies and rules are for the safety of you and your child(ren) in the Kid Zone.

  1. Check-in Policy
    • Children must be signed into Kid Zone before coming through the gate.
  2. Day Pass Policy
    • Day Pass Holders may use Kid Zone, however, Kid Zone is an additional charge. See policy 5 for fees. The only exception is Stay & Play. See below.
  3. Stay & Play Policy
  • Stay & Play is when an adult/guardian 16 years of age, or older, stays in the Kid Zone with the child. This is a free service.
    • Fees will be assessed if the guardian is not 16.
  • Guardian and child must sign into the Kid Zone before coming through the gate.
  • If the guardian leaves the room at any time, leaving the child(ren) in the Kid Zone staff care, fees will be assessed.
  • Guardian must remain in the facility.
  • If you are staying and playing, you must actively watch your child. No technology use, book reading, excessive visiting, etc.
    • Fees will be assessed if staff must intervene due to parent distractions.
  • Some YMCA staff are required to use technology in Kid Zone to accomplish their job tasks. This does not excuse parents from the no technology use policy.
  • Parents may choose to stay and play and then leave Kid Zone and transition to paid time. The 2-Hour Limit Policy will be enforced for each child.
  1. 2 – Hour Limit Policy
    • There is a 2-hour limit per day for each child entering the Kid Zone. The limit is enforced whether staying and playing or paying for time.
  2. Fees:
  • One-Time Visit: $3.50 per child, per hour.
  • Per month option:
    • Parents may pay a one-time per month fee as a member of the Y. This will allow the child(ren) to come to Kid Zone up to 2 hours per day for an entire calendar month.
      • Single Draft: $14.75 for a single child
      • Multi Draft: $19:75 for up to four children
  1. Parent on Premises Policy
    • Parents are to remain in the YMCA while their children are in the Kid Zone. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Illness policy
    • Children who are showing signs of a contagious or who are too ill to play may not enter Kid Zone.
  3. Call-Ahead policy for children under 1 year:
    • Parents with infants 6 weeks to 1 years old must call the Kid Zone prior to arrival (up to 1 hour) to ensure the proper safe staff to child ratios. If ratios are too high, for the safety of all children present, the parent may be asked to come back at a quieter time.
  4. Food and Beverage Policies
    • All liquids are to be kept at the desk in a spill proof container.
    • Food (including Candy and Gum) is not allowed in the Kid Zone.
    • The Kid Zone and the Party room prohibit any form of nuts including nut milks.
  5. Baby Specific Policies
  • Kid Zone staff do not change diapers or take children to the bathroom.  and will request parents to return to assist in these situations.
  • Call-Ahead policy: For any child that is under 1 years old please make sure to call the Kid Zone up to 1 hour in advance to verify that there is adequate staff.
  • Bottle Policy: Bottles must come premixed & warmed for Kid Zone staff to be able to give a child the bottle.
  1. Proper dry clothing is needed to cover diapers, swimsuits and             undergarments. Socks are also required.
  2. The bathroom located in the Kid Zone is for kids use only.
  • If a parent leaves the Kid Zone while their child is in the bathroom, fees will be incurred.
  1. Expulsion Policy
    • Kid Zone staff reserve the right to refuse entry or insist a child be removed from Kid Zone if any member of the family is unable to follow the rules and guidelines of the YMCA and Kid Zone.
  2. Outdoor Playground Policies
    • Only children ages 3 and older are allowed to use the outdoor playground.
    • The outdoor equipment is available only at staff discretion. It is NOT available at all times.
    • Parents may not take their children to the equipment unless staff has already opened the outdoor playground and a staff is already present outside.