Advanced Body Analysis

Michelle Lee and Dustin HenkelmanHealth & Fitness

Advanced Body Analysis 

Have you ever wondered how many calories you need to lose, gain, or maintain weight? Knowing this information can help you set health and wellness goals. Knowing your body composition can help you dial in even further and track progress on and off the scale.

So, how do I test my body composition? An exercise physiologist will use a bioelectrical impedance scale, as well as, a skinfold caliper to measure body fat percentage. Having two measurements ensures that everything is accurate. This is a great tool for tracking progress aside from the overall number on the scale, too.

How do I test my metabolism? An exercise physiologist utilizes a metabolic testing machine that measures the oxygen uptake and output. There is a direct correlation between oxygen consumed and calories burned at rest. By measuring this, we are able to pinpoint how many calories an individual’s body is burning at rest, as well as, how much they will burn when exercising. This is widely accepted as the most accurate way of obtaining a resting energy expenditure, or base metabolic rate.

How do I prep for this type of test? 

  1. Avoid eating or drinking fluids for at least 4 hours before the test.
  2. Avoid exercising on the day of testing.
  3. If possible, avoid the use of stimulants such as caffeine the day of the test.

What information do I leave with? 

Everyone will receive an in-depth explanation of their metabolic test results and will be sent home with detailed information as well. Not only will the exercise physiologist explain the results of the test, but they can also give individuals information on how to change the results or how to improve the effectiveness of any tools you may be using during your wellness journey.

The knowledge you gain may be a great tool to elicit behavior change, which will allow you to reach your personal wellness goals.

*A separate repeat test can assess if your efforts are resulting in muscle building or changes in your body’s makeup.

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Water Safety at the Y

Kaitlin PohlandPool Aquatics

The water is very intimidating. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4. At the Y we want to educate people to prevent these unintentional tragedies not only in our facility, but in everyday life.

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The Bible: God’s Letter of Love

Dominic DingerMission

One of the most exciting revelations that comes from reading the Bible is that it is not just a book full of rules and regulations. But rather, it is the primary way by which God develops a relationship with His kids.

It is His letter of love, to you, from cover to cover.

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GOODBYE Summer, HELLO Back to School

Sara Salas-RamirzMembership, Mission

At summer comes to an end, kids all over Central Minnesota are heading back to school, excited to reunite with friends and discover what the new year has to offer.

Here are helpful reminders to ensure the students in your life thrive during the school year:Read More

Y Team Spotlight – Greg Gack

Heather SabinMission

He was just a teenager when he walked into the YMCA and got his first job, mowing lawns, changing air filters and cleaning bathrooms in Salina, Kansas. Today, Greg Gack serves as executive director of one of the leading YMCAs in Minnesota. His vision is what led to the new St. Cloud YMCA facility and the growth of many youth and community programs. So how’d he get here? Here are a few key steps over his 30-year-career and what he learned along the way:

The first step

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7 Ways to Tell You’re Pushing Too Hard

Kim JohnsonHealth & Fitness

With trainers and group exercise instructors telling you to “Push harder!” all.the.time, do you ever wonder how hard is too hard? Well, you should.

If you take it too far, too often or for too long, here’s what you might see:

  • Regression in performance and/or gains. You can actually lose that lean muscle you’ve have worked so hard to build, endurance you have been building, and even confidence in yourself.
  • You can get injured. Over-exhaustion leads to poor form which can lead to injuries. Not fun!
  • Bigger issues like Phabdomyolysis, where the muscle breaks down and releases nasty toxins in your body that make you very, very sick.

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6 Natural Energy Boosters

Cathy ElnessHealth & Fitness

Do you ever look at your kids and wish you had their boundless energy? I do – When I first meet with my personal training clients, almost every single one of them say they have little to no energy. They work all day and come home with no energy left to give to their family. They want more energy to play catch with their kids, go on family bike rides, and to generally feel better. We may never know where kids get their endless energy, but these 6 tips will help you increase your energy levels so you can show up the way you want to in your life.

1. Minimize stress
I know this is easier said than done, but minimizing your stress is an effective way to take control of your energy levels. There are stressers that we cannot avoid, but there are a great deal of stressers that we can avoid. For instance, if you get stressed out by seeing friend’s Pinterest-worthy birthday parties or beautiful vacations on Facebook, maybe it’s time to take a social media break. If you find yourself stressed after spending time with certain people, consider the adverse effects it’s having on your health – and energy levels. Pay attention to what you’re spending your time and stress on, and make changes if you can. Engaging in stress-relieving activities can also improve energy levels. Practices like yoga and meditation will help you manage your stress, which will improve your energy.

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Servant Leadership – YMCA’s Chaplain Program

Kim JohnsonMission

YMCA’s across the world share a common mission statement: to put Christian principals into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We do this through Christian principles like servant leadership and demonstrating God’s love. When we had our grand opening in 2017, Pastor Dom Dinger approached me at the grand opening and simply asked “how can I help?” Pastor Dom has a true servant’s heart, a Christian principle that he puts into practice to help ensure the Y is a place where people can build a healthy spirit, mind, and body. After serving as a volunteer chaplain, a local group who was moved by Pastor Dom’s mission raised money so we could hire him to be our part-time Chaplain. He brings God’s word, grace, and love to our community, members, and staff at the Y.

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The Versatility of Biking

Kim JohnsonHealth & Fitness

As we transition from winter to spring each year, I love seeing people starting to get outside and be active. One of the things that I see most is bikers. I see men, women, and kids of every age and ethnicity biking around our great communities.Biking is so awesome because you can make it whatever you want it to be. When you need a grueling exercise for the day, biking can accomplish that. When you need a fun, family activity for the evening, biking is a go-to. When you are looking to make new friends or build community with fellow enthusiasts, biking can be that too.

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