Tae Kwon Do


Mini Kickers

For children ages 4, 5 and 6

This program is designed as a precursor to regular Tae Kwon Do classes. The classes are 30 minutes long. The child is taught material to help build a foundation for Tae Kwon Do training, while improving motor skills, memory, discipline, confidence and more. The material is presented in fun and exciting formats to keep the child interested and excited while teaching them important physical and behavioral skills to develop good habits early in life.

Youth Taekwondo

For kids ages 7-12

Kids that can control their bodies can control their minds. Evolution Tae Kwon Do challenges youth both physically and mentally to help them achieve their true potential in everyday life. Through training on memory, balance, and coordination in Tae Kwon Do students develop focus, self-confidence, and self-defense. Through setting goals and expectations based on each individual, Tae Kwon Do creates an environment where every participant can achieve success. It does not matter who finishes first, the focus is on each individual striving for similar goals with the support of peers and instructors.

Adult Taekwondo

For teens and adults ages 13+

Tae Kwon Do aims to strengthen both the physical and the mental well-being. This class helps reduce stress and increases self-confidence, flexibility, balance, weight loss, and overall health. Its balance of hard work and discipline, along with the rewards of personal achievement, it develops confident, well-balanced individuals. Different people join for different reasons, but what they find is all the same. It acts as a good vent for children, a stress-reliever for adults, improves concentration and enhances both physical fitness and self-confidence for all students.

Member Price: $35 | Non-Member: $55