For a better world, for a better us.

We all want a better life

We want that for our family and friends. We want that for our neighbors. We want that for everyone.

What does living better look like?

  • Healthier spirits, minds, and bodies
  • Happier interactions with our loved ones
  • Deeper connections to our community
  • Positive impact in our world

Every year, we raise funds so all may thrive. Your donation ensures that those who need us most have access to quality programs, activities and facilities. When you give to the Y you make a difference in the lives of people from all backgrounds and economic levels.

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More about our mission

Athletics to advocacy, volleyball to volunteerism—we don’t just strengthen individuals, we strengthen communities.

Why we raise funds

Everyone deserves a chance to succeed—no matter their background or income—and that can happen only when we unite to nurture the best in all of us.

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