Pilates Reformer

Purchase Sessions for Classes:

To pay for classes you can choose from purchasing 1 single class, 5 classes or 10 classes at one time. Remember if you pay for 10 classes you get 10% off. Please let me know if you have any issues with paying for your package of classes.

Purchase Sessions

Class Sign Up:

To sign up for a class, please click on the link below. You can reserve your reformer there or call the front desk. You need to pay for sessions for classes BEFORE you sign up for classes. Once you show up for class the instructor will check everyone in and that will delete a class off of your total. We will be checking everyone’s sessions and if you are out of sessions you will need to pay before you take class. This will come across as $0.

Once you have selected a class to register for, you must deselect the dates that you don’t want. Otherwise it will sign you up for that class every week for that month. If you have any issues please contact me and I can fix it.

Sign Up