Hey Coach Scott! Can you dunk?

Carolyne AndersonHealth & Fitness

That’s a pretty standard question for Scott Moody, the tall, lanky Youth Sports Coordinator at our St. Cloud Area Family YMCA.

“Kids have always liked me, I’m not sure why, but they’ve just always been draw to me,” said Scott.

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Making Activity a Habit for Good

Dustin HenkelmanHealth & Fitness, Motivation

Most would agree that it’s not the easiest habit for most people, and most people’s experiences consist of starting and stopping and starting again. Don’t beat yourself up about it. The important thing is starting again.

The Main Problems
So why do most people have trouble making exercise a regular habit? Well, there are probably a few factors, but here are the main ones as I see it:Read More


Diane HagemanPool Aquatics


Imagine being a child who is growing up in a home where no one was taught to swim or the cost of lessons was deemed unaffordable? With a child’s wonderment, you see all the beautiful lakes, rivers and streams our beautiful state has to offer – yet you are afraid to enter the water because you don’t know how to swim.Read More

Super Bowl Strategies

Lynn SchoenbergHealth & Fitness

Did you know the average American consumes 11 million pounds of chips, 4 million pretzels, 2.5 million pounds of nuts, and 2 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday? Here are some strategies to stay ahead of the game.

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Break up your cardio boredom!

Christine StoeberHealth & Fitness

When you think of group exercise, you usually think of cardio classes.  At the St. Cloud Area Family YMCA, we have over 100 group exercise classes and over 40 instructors.  From HIIT to Spin to Water to Zumba there is a cardio focused class for everyone.

When you participate in a cardio class you will increase your heart rate and strengthen your heart.  To keep your muscles in shape you need to keep them moving. The stronger the cardiovascular system the more oxygen gets to the muscles.  This allows you to burn Read More

You’ve got to put in the work.

Dan EdemHealth & Fitness

This week, we start the year “2020.” That’s crazy.

Think about how much life has changed since just the year 2000: how much faster everything is, how much faster we expect everything to be.

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Don’t just join a gym

Greg GackMembership

It’s always exciting to change the calendar from December to January. A new year is filled with potential and the chance to start fresh. And after the busy holidays filled with celebrations and tables of delicious treats, it’s not surprising that, according to a 2019 survey, 65 percent of people resolved to exercise more with the New Year.

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How to Keep Your Kids Motivated Through Winter

Maddie SchugWinter, Motivation

It’s winter in Minnesota, the holiday hustle and bustle are getting the best of everyone, and the kids are more than likely getting stir crazy! When we hit colder months, it can get tricky to find activities for your kids to do, along with getting caught up in thinking about the weather being a barrier to outdoor activity. Outdoor activity has been proven Read More

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Dominic DingerY News

I wanted to share with you two of the things that I am the most thankful for, as we approach a day that we set aside for giving thanks, my family and God’s word.

My family and I have been memorizing Psalm 100 lately on our daily drive into school each morning. It has been such a joy to hear God’s word come out of my children’s hearts and mouths with such innocence and enthusiasm. Day by day, little by little, Read More