Don’t just join a gym

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It’s always exciting to change the calendar from December to January. A new year is filled with potential and the chance to start fresh. And after the busy holidays filled with celebrations and tables of delicious treats, it’s not surprising that, according to a 2019 survey, 65 percent of people resolved to exercise more with the New Year.

GOODBYE Summer, HELLO Back to School

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At summer comes to an end, kids all over Central Minnesota are heading back to school, excited to reunite with friends and discover what the new year has to offer. Here are helpful reminders to ensure the students in your life thrive during the school year:

5 New Ways to Use Your Y

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Your daily routine is likely filled with activities or rituals you’ve been doing repeatedly for years. While routines bring comfort, they can sometimes lead to burnout or boredom. What if you tried something new each week? Or each month? Harvard Medical School studies show that trying new things sharpens cognitive skills. Similarly, in health and fitness, changing up your workout