GOODBYE Summer, HELLO Back to School

Adam SakryMission, Membership

At summer comes to an end, kids all over Central Minnesota are heading back to school, excited to reunite with friends and discover what the new year has to offer.

Here are helpful reminders to ensure the students in your life thrive during the school year:

  1. Get involved. Help with homework, chat about the school day or volunteer to support classroom needs. Your involvement in a child’s education helps them both inside and outside the classroom.
  2. Set a family mealtime. Sharing healthy meals together as a family on a regular basis is a powerful way to connect – whether at breakfast, lunch or dinner – to establish family traditions.
  3. Make Out of School Time Count. From afterschool programs to youth leadership clubs or youth sports, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to continue learning, building friendships and trying new things at the Y.

You’ve probably heard about the Y’s many fall youth sports programs, like basketball, volleyball, soccer and flag football but there are several unsung programs at the Y as well:

  • Youth in Government. Students learn about compromise and in diplomacy in this program that culminates in two realistic and complex simulations: Model Assembly, where kids in grades 8-12 simulate the Minnesota Legislature, and Model United Nations, where youth in grade 7-12 take on the role of countries.
  • Martial Arts. Your Y offers the practice of Tae Kwon Do, as well Kumdo. Both are taught in the youth studio and stress discipline of the body and mind.
  • Gator Swim Team. While swimming lessons are a must, Gators is a great option for young people who have completed lessons, but still want to remain connected to the pool.