Nerestant Story

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“The Y is more than just sports for us, it means everything to us.” That’s how Himler and Rebecca Nerestant describe their love of the Y. Busy parents of four children ages two to eight and guardians to three teenagers, they are frequent visitors, enjoying multiple programs and services. You name it, they’ve tried it: youth sports, taekwondo, swimming lessons,

Why the Y – Betsy & Kenzie

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For this family of 3, the Y is their “happy place.” Long-time members, Brian and Betsy and their five-year old daughter Kenzie hit a significant financial rough patch in 2019. Both of their cars needed work, Brian struggled with employment issues and they have had large medical bills due to Kenzie’s severe food allergy syndrome. Betsy’s work as a housekeeper

Meet Diane Hageman, the Y’s new Fund Development Director

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It’s interesting to walk on a treadmill for the first time when you are pregnant. That was the case for me. It was late 1990 and we were looking for a family-friendly place to exercise. My husband and I had our daughter who was 3 ½ and I was pregnant with our son.

The Bible: God’s Letter of Love

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One of the most exciting revelations that comes from reading the Bible is that it is not just a book full of rules and regulations. But rather, it is the primary way by which God develops a relationship with His kids. It is His letter of love, to you, from cover to cover.

GOODBYE Summer, HELLO Back to School

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At summer comes to an end, kids all over Central Minnesota are heading back to school, excited to reunite with friends and discover what the new year has to offer. Here are helpful reminders to ensure the students in your life thrive during the school year:

Y Team Spotlight – Greg Gack

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He was just a teenager when he walked into the YMCA and got his first job, mowing lawns, changing air filters and cleaning bathrooms in Salina, Kansas. Today, Greg Gack serves as executive director of one of the leading YMCAs in Minnesota. His vision is what led to the new St. Cloud YMCA facility and the growth of many youth

Servant Leadership – YMCA’s Chaplain Program

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YMCA’s across the world share a common mission statement: to put Christian principals into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We do this through Christian principles like servant leadership and demonstrating God’s love. When we had our grand opening in 2017, Pastor Dom Dinger approached me at the grand opening and simply asked

It Takes a Village – Social Responsibility and Your YMCA

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How do you choose a brand? Do you consider aligning your values with the brands you buy from? Nearly 8-in-10 (79%) Americans say they are more loyal to purpose-driven brands than traditional brands, according to the 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study.