Why the Y – Betsy & Kenzie

Jon RuprechtMission

For this family of 3, the Y is their “happy place.” Long-time members, Brian and Betsy and their five-year old daughter Kenzie hit a significant financial rough patch in 2019. Both of their cars needed work, Brian struggled with employment issues
and they have had large medical bills due to Kenzie’s severe food allergy syndrome. Betsy’s work as a housekeeper at St. Cloud Hospital has been their only steady source of income.

Frequent visitors to the Y’s pool and Kid Zone, Betsy and Kenzie love coming to the Y. “Kenzie and I often come to sit and talk about our day in the comfy chairs and relax. We love just spending time together at the Y.” As their bills mounted, Betsy cut every possible expense before considering terminating their family membership. She was relieved to find out about the Y’s scholarship program.

In 2020, Kenzie enjoyed her days at the Y’s summer camp and continued into the fall when the program was extended to help families dealing with continually changing school schedules due to COVID-19 restrictions. “The Y’s scholarship program helps out people like us in rare financial situations,” Betsy said. “I never thought I would have to go to the food shelf or ask for scholarships.”