Super Bowl Strategies

Greg GackHealth & Fitness

Did you know the average American consumes 11 million pounds of chips, 4 million pretzels, 2.5 million pounds of nuts, and 2 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday? Here are some strategies to stay ahead of the game.


  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Match every beverage you consume with at least 1 glass of water.

Plan ahead

  • Do not skip meals to save your calories for the big game.
  • Keep a normal eating routine through the day to avoid overindulging at the party

Choose foods wisely!

  • Add vegetables or bring a vegetable tray so you know there will be healthier options.
  • Assess the buffet options prior to filling up your plate.

Be Mindful!

  • Slow down, be present, and focus on eating.
  • Use smaller bowls, plates, glasses and utensils.
  • Sit or stand where extra food isn’t constantly in the line of sight.

Have your own pre-game workout by yourself or with a group.

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