You’ve got to put in the work.

Dan EdemHealth & Fitness

This week, we start the year “2020.” That’s crazy. Think about how much life has changed since just the year 2000: how much faster everything is, how much faster we expect everything to be. Right now, on whatever device you’re reading this, you can read this blog post, watch a movie and order dinner – all at the same time.

Unplug to find connection

Heather SabinHealth & Fitness

The holidays are all about spending quality time with your family and friends in your community, but technology and screen time can get in the way. At the Y, members like you – of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life – can set the virtual world aside to make lasting, meaningful connections in real life.

Medical Massage & Traditional Massage: The Best of Both Worlds!

Shawn LinnHealth & Fitness

We’re living in a time where people are putting more emphasis on health than ever before. That’s why medical massage, as well as traditional massage, are gaining credibility and becoming a major part of our health care team. At Lifestyle Health, we are committed to providing the best quality service and helping people feel better about their overall health and

Let us help you achieve your goals.

Maddie SchugHealth & Fitness

Hop on Google and search the reasons why goal setting makes you more successful.  (Go ahead, I’ll wait.) Study after study has proven that writing SMART goals, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-sensitive goals is the best way to have success. That includes fitness!

Taking care of your brain

Carolyne AndersonHealth & Fitness

I played lots of sports growing up, including softball and volleyball. Looking back, it’s possible that at least once, I had a concussion. The increased attention that’s been paid to brain health and concussion prevention in recent years, is truly positive. Our brains control the rest of our body, brain health is step 1 in overall body health.

Advanced Body Analysis

Michelle Lee and Dustin HenkelmanHealth & Fitness

Advanced Body Analysis  Have you ever wondered how many calories you need to lose, gain, or maintain weight? Knowing this information can help you set health and wellness goals. Knowing your body composition can help you dial in even further and track progress on and off the scale.

Gator Team Spotlight: Cash Walz

Nick EngferHealth & Fitness, Pool Aquatics

Cash Walz swims at the Y every day. Every.Single.Day. That’s a pretty serious commitment for an adult, let alone a soon-to-be 7th grader. His commitment and consistency have earned him recognition from both USA Swimming and the Y National Swim Programs. Cash is on the Gator Swim

7 Ways to Tell You’re Pushing Too Hard

Kim JohnsonHealth & Fitness

With trainers and group exercise instructors telling you to “Push harder!” all.the.time, do you ever wonder how hard is too hard? Well, you should. If you take it too far, too often or for too long, here’s what you might see: Regression in performance and/or gains. You can actually lose that lean muscle you’ve have worked so hard to build,

6 Natural Energy Boosters

Cathy ElnessHealth & Fitness

Do you ever look at your kids and wish you had their boundless energy? I do – When I first meet with my personal training clients, almost every single one of them say they have little to no energy. They work all day and come home with no energy left to give to their family. They want more energy

The Versatility of Biking

Kim JohnsonHealth & Fitness

As we transition from winter to spring each year, I love seeing people starting to get outside and be active. One of the things that I see most is bikers. I see men, women, and kids of every age and ethnicity biking around our great communities.Biking is so awesome because you can make it whatever you want it to be.