You’ve got to put in the work.

Greg GackHealth & Fitness

This week, we start the year “2020.” That’s crazy.

Think about how much life has changed since just the year 2000: how much faster everything is, how much faster we expect everything to be.

Right now, on whatever device you’re reading this, you can read this blog post, watch a movie and order dinner – all at the same time.

One thing that hasn’t changed? Health and fitness.

That’s not to say that we haven’t learned about more effective and efficient ways to exercise or changed the way we look at healthy eating.

But health and fitness? They aren’t fast. Never have been, never will be.

You have to put the work in day in and day out to see and feel the results. There is no magic exercise or pill that will give you long-term sustainable health.

Think of your health and physical fitness as a brick wall. Your long-term goal is to have a strong, stable wall. That long-term goal is accomplished through daily discipline: fueling yourself with healthy and nutritious foods, holding yourself accountable to your weekly workouts – even remaining punctual and professional in your daily responsibilities. Each task is a brick in your foundation.

If you build a foundation of consistent exercise and healthy eating, when you want to build your wall higher, it will be easier. When you want to chase your kids or grandkids around the basketball court, or achieve your triathlon dreams, your wall will already be a few feet high, you’ve just got to add more bricks.

Your consistency and discipline set the longevity of that brick. The more bricks you have, the taller your wall becomes. The more you maintain your bricks, the stronger it becomes.

We’re entering the time when everyone comes to the Y – we’ve all resolved to do better in the next year and in the next decade. If, however, you want your resolution to last to 2025, you can’t just come to workout in January. We need to see you here in February, March and April. If you aren’t exercising outside, we need to see you in the summer too. Just like those brick walls, you have to maintain your level of health and fitness, or it can crumble.

You have to put in the work. Decide today what you’re going to do tomorrow, next month and next year.

I’ll see you tomorrow.