The Top 5 Group Exercise Classes People Are Talking About

Greg GackGroup Exercise

Have you ever started a training plan, then quit after a couple weeks? Or gone to bed with the intent of waking up for a 6 a.m. workout, only to hit the snooze button and vow to go tomorrow morning instead? It is often easier to break promises to ourselves than to miss a workout with a pal or a group exercise class where people are expecting you.

Studies show there are benefits to working out with others — motivation, comradery, and accountability are just a few. At the Y, we also think it’s more fun working out as a group, which is why we offer so many group exercise classes. With over 90 class offerings each week at the Y,  you’re sure to find one that you enjoy.

Wondering where to start? Here is a peek into the top five classes people are talking about and why:

  1. Muscle Pump
    Overview: Designed to help strengthen all major muscle groups using weight plates, dumbbells, bands, body weight, and stability balls. You’ll be motivated by energetic music as you transition through moves targeted for each muscle group.
    Target: Whole body strength training
    Who loves Muscle Pump: Both men and women who want to strengthen and challenge their bodies.  
  2. Zumba
    Overview: A high-energy class that combines Latin music and easy to follow dance moves for a great cardio workout. You’ll enjoy swinging your hips and breaking a sweat. You can’t help but smile when you’re doing Zumba!
    Target: Cardio
    Who loves Zumba: Whoever wants to have fun, jam to good music, and express themselves through dance, while getting a good workout.
  3. H.I.I.T
    Overview: High intensity interval training uses basic exercises to help you reach your max heart rate, delivering maximum results and calorie burn. You’ll alternate short periods of intense anaerobic movements with less intense recovery periods.
    Target:  Cardio and strength training
    Who loves H.I.I.T: Group exercise bosses, and people who want more intensity, want to get their heart rate up and increase muscle strength and endurance.
  4. Group Cycle
    Overview: A great cardiovascular workout with minimal impact that  takes place on the spin bikes in our Cycle Studio. Get your heart rate up by utilizing different techniques that include hills, interval and sprints. Ideal for all levels of fitness and experience.   
    Target: Cardio
    Who loves Group Cycle: Members of any age who want a workout that is easier on their joints, but still offers a calorie burn and cardiovascular challenge. 
  5. Morning Flow Yoga
    Overview: A flowing sequence of yoga poses to help you get in the right mindset to take on your day. Morning Flow Yoga incorporates breath work and postures that increase the body’s alignment, strength and flexibility. It’s the perfect way to start your morning.
    Target: Core, movement, and breath.
    Who loves Morning Flow Yoga: Yogis with lots of experience, or no experience at all.

These five classes are small sampling of the more than 90 group exercise classes we offer each week at the YMCA. We are always adding more classes, like our recently added Tai Chi and Pilates Reformer classes. Check out our group exercise schedules for a full list of class dates, times, and descriptions.

Grab your besties, or make new friends, while exploring the benefits of group exercise. Which class will you try this week?

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