Water Safety at the Y

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The water is very intimidating. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4. At the Y we want to educate people to prevent these unintentional tragedies not only in our facility, but in everyday life.

To stress the importance of water safety wanted to remind you about some rules in place at the Y in the Family and Lap Pool.

No diving is allowed in either pool.

While there are deep ends in each pool, no diving is permitted. An improper dive can lead to horrible head injuries. If you are swimming laps in the Lap Pool, we ask that you enter feet first. No exceptions. Diving may only occur in the Lap Pool if it is at an official Gator Swim Team practice or during an official YMCA swim lesson.

Only United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved flotation devices are allowed in the facility.

Inflatable items that are not approved lifesaving devices give a false sense of security. If a floatation device is needed it must be a Coast Guard approved lifejacket. Items like water belts cannot be used as a floatation device. If a floatation device is needed it must be a Coast Guard approved lifejacket.

Everyone must shower before entering the pools.

Not only is not showering before you enter the pool a health concern, but it is very harmful to the pools. It is very important to shower with soap and water to remove any excess body oils, lotions, make up, etc. While it might be hard to, all the excess oil on your skin shows up in our filters and negatively affects the chemicals in the pools.

No riding on backs/shoulders in the water.

If a child needs to be held in the water, please hold them in front of you. Carrying anyone on your shoulders or back in the water is dangerous. When someone (especially a young child) is riding on your back they are no longer in your direct eyeline. It is easy for the person on the back to slip off, be forced underwater, run into a wall or other people, or even accidently choke you from behind.

All children ages 8 and under must always be accompanied by an adult in the water and within an arm’s length of that adult.

Children are not allowed anywhere in the water without an adult close by. Adults may not only sit on the edge and watch. The adult must wear proper swim attire. Standing in the shallow end with street clothes on will not be permitted.

These are just a few of the rules that we enforce at the Y to ensure the safety of all members and their guests. Water safety is our number one priority. Please take the time to review our rules that are on the website and posted by the entrance to the pools.

Thank you for valuing water safety as much as we do!

Read our Water Safety Rules Online