Thanksgiving Craft: Coffee Filter Turkey

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Coffee filter turkey craft

Gobble Gobble!

It’s time to get crafty for Thanksgiving! This easy-peasy craft is perfect for kids of all ages and is a fun way to get them excited for the holiday.


  • Glue
  • Paper plate
  • Markers
  • Clothespin
  • Googly eyes
  • Coffee filter
  • Spray bottle
  • Yellow and red paper
  • Scissors

1. Color your coffee filter

Use the markers to color your coffee filter and make sure it is all covered. We like to use fall colors like yellows, oranges, and reds, but it’s your turkey, so make it whatever colors you want!

Coffee Filter Turkey Craft Step 1

2. Spray your filter with water

Set your coffee filter on the paper plate and give it a few sprays with your water spray bottle. Use your fingers to blend the colors together and get rid of any lines. Set your filter aside to dry.

Coffee Filter Turkey Craft Step 2

3. Color your clothespin

Grab a brown marker and color your entire clothespin brown. This will be our turkey’s body.

4. Cut out the beak and wattle

Grab your scissors and your construction paper. Cut a triangle out of the yellow paper for the beak and a squiggly shape out of the red paper for the wattle. Make sure they are small enough to fit on your clothespin.

Coffee Filter Turkey Craft Step 4

5. Glue on the beak, wattle, and eyes

Grab your glue and glue the beak to the wattle with the beak in front. Then, glue the beak and wattle to your clothespin. Finally, glue on your googly eyes just above the beak. If you don’t have googly eyes, you can always use paper to make the eyes!

Note: You can use hot glue for a better hold.

Coffee Filter Turkey Craft Step 5

6. Prepare the filter

Once your coffee filter is dry, you can fold it in half and scrunch it up a little bit in the middle. This will give our clothespin something to clip onto.

Coffee Filter Turkey Craft Step 6

7. Clip the filter

Finally, you can clip your filter into the clothespin, and now you have the most adorable little turkeys!

Coffee Filter Turkey Craft Step 7