Tai Chi is an effective exercise for the health of mind and body. The essential principles of Tai Chi include the mind being integrated with the body; fluidity of movement; control of breathing; and the mental concentration. The central focus is to have the life force (chi) flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. There has been growing evidence that the mind-body practice of Tai Chi has value in treating or preventing many health issues.

About the instructor:

Perry Rollings is a certified Tai Chi instructor and owner/head instructor (Sifu) of Willow School of Tai Chi. Perry has 12 years of certified teaching experience in the Yang style which is the most practiced style in the world.  He resides in Sartell and enjoys sharing the impact of Tai Chi, ancient Chinese philosophy and energy therapies throughout central Minnesota.

12-Week Program November 3rd—February 2nd

Saturdays | 8:30-9:30am

$40 Members | $60 Non-Members

*Classes take place in the Youth Studios

*No classes November 24th or December 29th