The Y is a place where all people of all walks of life can learn and love to swim, wearing a spectrum of colors, fabrics and accessories. Below are pool guidelines to keep all swimmers safe and keep our pools and hot tubs healthy.

Swimwear must be clean and designated for pool use only

-The YMCA does not allow participants to enter the pool in street clothes.
-You must bring a change of clothes that are specifically designated for the pool only.

Required swimwear

-A swim suit is the best option for the pool with coverings of leggings or a long sleeve rash guard. You can find full body swim suits:
Or search on Amazon

All swimmers must take a shower before entering the water

-Taking a cleansing shower before entering the pool helps to keep dirt and germs out of the water.
– Hair products and skincare products such as lotions, cologne and make-up will cause chemical imbalances in the pools and hot tub.


The water slide is only on certain hours of the day due to staffing. Please view the Family Pool schedule for hours. Persons using the water slide must be at least 48″ tall. Flotation devices and pool toys will not be allowed on the water slide. Only one person can go down the slide at a time and must go feet first. Slide attendant is on duty.


The YMCA allows for people to bring their own pool noodles and other small toys for use in the pool. Life jackets are available for use, and pool noodles are available for purchase at the front desk. Large flotation devices will not be allowed. Depending on how busy the pool is, lifeguards have the right to decide what is allowed in the pool at that time.