The St. Cloud Area YMCA desires to seek out new ways to complete our mission to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. With that, we are asking our community to partner with us in prayer.

 What does a partnership look like?

  • As a community center, the YMCA continues to strive to put programs in place to create a stronger, healthier community. Click here to watch a video on how the Y serves the community. 
  • Encourage your family and/or church to pray for the YMCA for specific week sometime this year.
  • The YMCA desires to also pray for the church/faith organizations. Ask how the Y can pray for your organization.

Contact Trish Klaver at [email protected] for more information or to sign up to be a prayer partner.


God give us…


  • God, Unite us together in a common understanding of what You are doing at the YMCA. It seems as if there have been dreams and visions from a variety of groups over the past 15-20 years but not a united front on what You are doing and how You have uniquely positioned us to accomplish Your work.
  • Focus our attention of what matters most to You and how the YMCA can have the biggest impact for Your kingdom and for Your glory.
  • Give us wisdom to know how to lead this group in a way that ignites a God-sized vision for the YMCA.
  • May the community embrace something that only God can ignite and may it be a God-sized vision that only You can accomplish.
  • May clear and measurable goals come from our time together during these visioning sessions.
  • Provide a way for the YMCA to become debt free (within three years).
  • May our attitudes in this process remain positive and we come to the table with open minds and hearts.
  • God, May You be glorified by all we do as we seek Your vision for the YMCA and give us specific areas to focus our attention on as we develop the “WHY” behind asking our community to “buy” into Your plan.
  • Give us wisdom and clarity regarding the issues that we have raised within our community and the YMCA. Are we seeing the issues clearly? Have we identified the key issues?
  • Give us ideas and direction in how we can correct our shortcomings and progress in our growth and understanding.
  • Give us wisdom and discernment. May Your agenda be clear, God, not ours.
  • We desire the Holy Spirit lead us in the direction You want, God, not the pastoral staff or lay elders or anyone else.
  • God, if you wish the YMCA to grow in numbers, make that clear.