Greg GackPool Aquatics


Imagine being a child who is growing up in a home where no one was taught to swim or the cost of lessons was deemed unaffordable? With a child’s wonderment, you see all the beautiful lakes, rivers and streams our beautiful state has to offer – yet you are afraid to enter the water because you don’t know how to swim.

Many are surprised to hear that drowning is the second (only to car crashes) leading cause of death and injury among children ages 1 to 14 years old in Minnesota. According to the USA Swimming Foundation, 79% of children in homes with incomes less than $50,000 have little-to-no swimming ability.

The St. Cloud Area Family YMCA needs your help to fund a series of “Safety Around Water” classes for second grade students in area schools. With support from you and other donors, we hope to expand this program to an additional school next year!

In these classes, children will learn fundamental water safety skills including finding safe places to swim, swimming on their fronts and rolling on their backs to rest.

Swimming is a wonderful sport and a great recreational and exercise option that can be carried into adulthood. We want to ensure our community’s youth gets a great start on water safety and introduction to all the fun swimming can be.

Your contribution to our Annual Campaign will help us raise $25,000 for 250 students. A $100 contribution will cover the class costs for one student. You CAN make a difference!

To donate, go to or call Diane Hageman, Fund Development Director at 320-253-2664 or email [email protected].