Yoga Workshops

Pain Management Workshops
4 week session

Instructor: Jessie Sandoval, registered yoga instructor and owner of JS Wellness LLC

Dates: Oct. 5th, Oct. 12th, Oct. 26th, Nov. 2nd

Cost: $89 Members | $110 Non-Members

Workshop Description:

This workshop will introduce you to slow SomaYoga practices. You will learn to release the chronic tightness that causes long-term pain and limits movement.  In SomaYoga we work together to: re-educate your brain to work with muscles that have been tight and unresponsive; use breathing techniques to soothe your nervous system and move your body away from stress; and practice strength and stability techniques to create more ease in your body and mind.

*Maximum Participants: 15

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Here is what you can expect in each session:

Session #1

In yoga, we believe in the power of the breath, our life force – pranayama. When you have persistent pain, you might distance yourself from your body, ignoring the pain and not fully breathe into that area or areas of the body. In this first session, we will explore where, in our bodies (and our minds) we are experiencing tension, pain or discomfort. Participants will practice and learn 2 breathing exercises to help support a calm body and mind.

Session #2

Chronic tension can lead to injury and pain. When we have chronic tension in the body, we will have limited mobility. This session is aimed at finding more movement and breath in all areas of the body. We will look specifically at pattern and habits in the body that can lead to chronic tension. Participants can expect to learn 6 practices for finding more mobility, functionality and freedom in the body.

Session #3

Building on new awareness of mobility, we will start to add stability and strength practices, slowly moving into yoga postures. We will move through a series of dynamic movements followed by static postures that invite stability and strength in the body and mind. Participants can expect to learn a short series of postures designed to practice at home, combined with awareness of breath.

Session #4

How can mindfulness and meditation help with managing pain? We will explore this question and more during this last session. The focus will be on learning the fundamentals of mindfulness and tools and tips for developing a meditation practice. Participants will practice two difference mindfulness exercises for pain management and be supported with resources and follow-up audios.