Meet Kaitlin Pohland, the Y’s new Aquatics Director

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Meet Kaitlin Pohland, the Y’s new Aquatics Director

Sailors often say the sea keeps calling them back. For Kaitlin Pohland, the Y’s new Aquatics Director, it isn’t the briny air of sea, but the happy splashes of kids that keep pulling her back to the pool.

The water is truly Kaitlin’s passion. “It is so important for people of all ages to learn how to swim, and to enjoy the water,” she said. “Safety in the water is my number one priority.”

Kaitlin stresses that all rules in and around the water are set for a reason and they are used to ensure that everyone is always as safe as possible. “I am so lucky that I had such wonderful mentors growing up who also valued water safety.”

As a young child in Iowa, Kaitlin went to her municipal pool every day in the summer. “I moved through swim lessons quickly, and one of my teachers asked me if I had ever thought about swimming competitively. I never looked back after that!”

Kaitlin started swimming competitively when she was 9 years old, but her time ended unexpectedly in high school after a serious shoulder injury. “After two surgeries I was told that I could never swim competitively again. I was understandably devastated, but that injury ended up having a positive impact on my life.”

Her path switch from athlete to coach, instructor, lifeguard and aquatics management.  She’s loved watching all the young kids that she has taught and coached grow and become confident in the water.

Kaitlin’s husband Joel is a band director in the Pierz school district. The two (along with their dogs) make their home in Little Falls.

“Everyone at Y has been so welcoming and wonderful so far,” said Kaitlin. “I am excited to continue to share my love for the water with all of those who come into the Y!”