Feeding Frenzy: Gators Feast at TUNA Spring Splash

Adam SakryGators Swim Team

13 Gator swimmers decided to crawl along their own sinewy paths this past Saturday down to the Maple Grove Middle School pool for a little Short Course action with a bunch of TUNA in the water. One can easily understand the attraction to a Gator: a smaller pool, filled with tuna, right there for the Gator’s enjoyment. Needless to say, our Gator swimmers swam very hungry. And there was only one way this meet could go – only 1 possible outcome – CHOMP!!!

Our Gator Swimmer of the Meet Mia Flores clearly enjoyed the taste of the abundant competition. Competing in her 1st USA Swimming meet ever, Mia posted 4 new lifetime best times, including 3 new BB times and a very fine 3rd place finish overall in the 100Y Breast (1:26.73). Pass the TUMS on TUNA Day, please!

Of course, as one can easily imagine in such a scenario, several other Gator swimmers used the close proximity of a seemingly unlimited supply of fresh tuna as motivation to produce some very fast swims. 5 hungry Gator swims, in particular, stood out. And it didn’t seem to matter if it was a hearty breakfast or re-fueling lunch that was at stake. Micah Adelmann swam his 1st ever 100Y Back (1:21.40). Callum Huberty dropped nearly 4 seconds off his 100Y Free (1:02.39). Ted Janson really must have wanted his tuna! He ripped 10 seconds off his 50Y Free (:54.92). Xavier Mickelsen recorded his best-ever 100Y IM (1:02.96). And Isaiah Wright swam his fastest-ever 50Y Free (:51.20) on the way to posting his fastest-ever 100Y Free (1:50.06). Oh the difference some fresh tuna seems to make! For their efforts, each swimmer was awarded our Gator Fast Swims of the Meet honors.

Speaking of swimming hungry, 2 Gator swimmers dropped so much time in their swims that they were both awarded our Gator Most Improved Swimmers of the Meet. First up was Delilah Wright. All she did was erase over 10 seconds off of her 50Y Fly (:54.75) and over 4 seconds off her 50Y Free (:45.09). She also completed her 1st legal 100Y Breast (2:02.04) ever.

And, then, once again, there was Miles St. Sauver. And, as always, what to say about Miles? Let’s just post his swims. They speak for themselves: 100Y Back (1:20.83), 50Y Free (33.90), 100Y Fly (1:24.93). Needless to say, those are all huge drops. The TUNA Effect on a Gator.

5 other Gator swimmers competed at the meet, each taking their own special bite out of the TUNA competition. Claiming our Gator Tail Fast Swims of the Meet were: Felicity Janson-100Y IM (1:42.45), Haley Megaw-100Y IM (1:14.74), Andy Offerdahl-100Y Back (1:00.59), Allie Reitmeier-100Y Fly (1:15.62), Addison St. Sauver-50Y Back (:33.37).

As always, our Gator Post-Meet Reports can be viewed in our Performance Reports tab of our Gators website. The files are also permanently stored in our Events tab, under the meet by its name. Simply select Past & Archive, then enter the meet dates. Take the time to review these reports. They give a lot of perspective on how our swimmers are doing.

Go Gators!