Our facility features:

  • Cardio, weight and strength-training rooms
  • Group exercise studios
  • Two heated pools
  • Saunas, whirlpool
  • Children’s play area and gym
  • Two racquetball courts
  • Gym
  • Family locker room
  • Locker/towel service
  • Free WiFi

Members SAVE! 

  • Swim lessons ($20 per session)
  • Summer Day Camp ($20 per week)
  • Parents Night Out ($5 per child)
  • Boot Camp ($20 per month)
  • Youth sports ($20 per sport)
  • Two free fitness coaching sessions ($67.50 value)
  • Free group exercise classes like Zumba, Yoga, cycling and more
  • Discounts to other programs such as personal training, swim team and fitness events

Monthly Membership

$17.00     Youth
$37.00     Adult
$36.00     Senior (62+)
$50.00     Senior Couple (1 must be 62+)
$55.00     Family

Day Pass

$4.50      Youth
$5.50      Senior (62+)
$10.50    Adult
$16.00    Family

Joiner’s Fees

Joiner’s fees apply to all new memberships. They help maintain and improve our facilities.

$25.00     Youth
$60.00     Adult, Senior, Senior Couple & Family

Rainbow Room Fees

$3.00       One time visit, price is per hour, per child
$14.75     Automatic withdrawal option for one child, price is per month for unlimited visits
$19.75     Automatic withdrawal option for a family, price is per month for unlimited visits

Ask about insurance discounts!

Many insurance companies have programs that reward you for joining and using the St. Cloud Y, up to $37 per month. Talk to the front desk to find out if you qualify.

Members are encouraged to bring guests. Please remember that a photo ID is required for all guests using the Y.

Traveling? Call the local Y and ask about visiting member policies

We need Secret Shopper Volunteers!

We want to provide the best experience possible for our members and prospective members, and we need your help! We need volunteers to be secret shoppers and call our front desk and/or take a tour of our facility. Then, fill out an online questionnaire about how we did and submit it to us. This is completely anonymous, but you can give us your name if you want to be entered into a drawing for a $20 Y gift card as a thank you for your time. Click the links below to see the surveys.

Phone Survey

Phone Survey

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Facility Survey

Facility Survey

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